What does it cost?

Rates are tailored for the client: hourly, project-based, or retainer. We work with you to make it work.

Is there a cost for an initial consultation?

 No. Call us at no charge to you.

Is there a minimum retainer?

No. Retainers are flexible. If you wish to have us on retainer, you decide what’s right for you.

Do you offer fixed pricing?

Yes. Based on the initial consultation, what you want us to do, and your preferred budget, we can offer you a fixed price. If what you need done is not suitable for fixed pricing, we’ll let you know. We can, then, use hourly rates or offer a price range with a cap.

What’s the best way to set up a consultation?

Email us and leave your name, name of your business, email address, phone number, website address, and the best time(s) to reach you. We’ll get back to you with a date and time for a consultation.